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Serving as Special Counsel to the Ohio Attorney General since 1994

Greg Delev has been serving as Special Counsel to the Ohio Attorney General since 1994. As Special Counsel, Delev & Associates, LLC provides legal representation to a myriad of State Agencies, Departments, entities, colleges, universities, retirement systems, boards and commissions in civil actions, relative to the collection of public monies due the State. In his role as Special Counsel, Greg has been involved in numerous complex civil actions including Injunctions and restraining orders, appointment of receivers, fraud, probate and estate recoveries, liquidations, attachments, charging orders and bankruptcy matters involving multimillion dollar claims and recoveries. Many of the matters he has handled for the State of Ohio have involved multinational corporations, publically traded corporations, private equity funds, small and medium sized companies as well as individuals from all walks of life.

Delev & Associates, LLC ensures all your legal needs are effectively and affordably managed. If our clients don’t win - we don’t win.

As a leader in Ohio in the field of collections and collection litigation we recognize our clients face unprecedented challenges.

Delev & Associates, LLC has created innovative and cost-effective solutions for all aspects of the collection/litigation management lifecycle. We recognize that in today’s increasingly competitive business environment, in a time when management concepts and strategies are rapidly evolving we need to and are finding cost effective recovery solutions for our clients.

Before Delev & Associates, LLC takes on a new client or a new case we work with our clients to understand the variables affecting the matter so we can effectively and affordably manage the case. With our clients input we will assess how matters will be managed, what information and resources are available, and ensure accessibility and reliability (integrity) of that information. Once we understand our clients’ goals we will then select the right tools, employees and/ resources to process and manage our clients’ legal matters.

Delev & Associates, LLC employees are trained to manage both a large volume of cases from a single client as well as managing each matter on a case by case basis. They do this first by understanding the type of case they are managing, regardless of its size or complexity. Second they ensure their staff has the requisite skills, resources and up-to-date training to make the most of your investment.

A highly effective team approach: Every legal matter is assigned to a multi-disciplinary team of people generally consisting of at least one attorney, one paralegal and at least one account manager. While the attorney has overall responsibility for overseeing all legal and administrative activities, our centralized account management process also includes input from our experienced team of legal, financial, and recovery specialists. Our account managers have backgrounds that include traditional debt collectors and workout specialists but also include former mortgage brokers, business and financial analysts, tax attorneys, and law enforcement combined with extensive paralegal training. This multi disciplined approach offers our clients the distinct advantage of working with experienced professionals who understand how to qualify and best manage your needs regardless of the situation or the type debt or debt portfolio. We can help create strategies that will maximize your returns and minimize your costs while recognizing the ramifications of collections decisions.

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From offices located in Cincinnati, the law office of Delev & Associates, LLC proudly serves businesses and collections agencies throughout Ohio.