Protecting Investments With Strategic Solutions

Our multidisciplinary team provides goal-driven representation to obtain the best results effectively and affordably.

Cost-Effective Solutions That Protect You And Your Claims

We recognize that in today’s increasingly competitive business environment, in a time when regulatory compliance, management concepts and strategies are rapidly evolving, we guide our clients through complicated processes while protecting assets and avoiding hazards.

Providing Solid Debt Collection Solutions, Including Creditor Representation In Bankruptcy Matters Involving Government And Student Loan Debt

We believe that while regulatory compliance presents new challenges, with those challenges come opportunities. Our clients can rest reassured that we strive to provide quality legal services and make every effort to ensure regulatory compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), state and local laws, as well as the rules governing attorneys in every collection matter.

Protecting Creditors’ Rights

We handle complex cases, including student loan collections, medical collections, government collections, probate collections, mechanic’s liens and foreclosures involving subrogation, replevins and exercise of challenging asset recovery options.

As needed, our law firm provides essential services, including establishing receiverships and managing accounts receivable. Delev & Associates, LLC, flexibly and meticulously manages both large volumes of cases from individual clients while skillfully scrutinizing each matter on a case-by-case basis. Often, we rely on our up-to-date information technology and data retrieval methods to build a coherent picture of what needs to happen. We understand the importance of thorough research and information gathering in any type of case, regardless of its size or complexity.

We ensure that all team members possess the requisite skills, resources and up-to-date training to make the most of our clients’ investment in our counsel and representation.

A Highly Effective Team Approach

With our clients’ input, we will assess how matters will be managed, what information and resources are available, and ensure accessibility and reliability (integrity) of that information. Once we understand our clients’ goals, we will then select the right tools, employees and resources to process and manage our clients’ legal matters.

A Leading Law Firm In Ohio That Recognizes Our Clients Face Unprecedented Challenges

As a leading law firm in Ohio in the field of consumer and business collections and litigation, Delev & Associates, LLC, recognizes our clients face unprecedented challenges. We support their creditors’ rights through a wide range of proven methods.Delev & Associates, LLC, has created innovative and cost-effective solutions for all aspects of the collection and litigation management life cycle.

Maximizing A Return On Your Investment

Delev & Associates, LLC, recognizes every client and every legal matter is unique, and before we take on a new client or a new matter, we work with our clients to understand the variables affecting the matter so we can effectively and affordably manage the case to maximize your return on your investment.

Knowledge And Experience

We have the knowledge and experience necessary to apply the most effective methods of collections, including:

  • Prelitigation collections
  • Litigation
  • Bankruptcy (protecting rights of creditors)
  • Prejudgment attachments
  • Post-judgment remedies
  • Foreign judgment collections

Client Testimonials

The Law firm has handled collection matters for my business and understands the business needs of our company. In situations where we want to maintain our relationship with our client they have helped us keep the customer and when they know they need to be aggressive they will.-
Greg is a good honest man and a blessing to call him my friend.-
Awesome group. Can’t say enough about them. Greg is very helpful.

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Our attorneys are readily available and responsive. To schedule a free initial consultation, please call toll-free 800-593-8453 or 513-277-0816 or contact us. We look forward to assisting you with your case.

We are a collections law firm facilitating both commercial and consumer collections. We do not help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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