Delev & Associates, LLC

Delev & Associates, LLC, accepts no less than our entire team's best as we pursue recovery for clients through sophisticated, effective collections methods. We strive for excellence and demand results in matters, including:

Our law firm flexibly and meticulously manages both large volumes of cases from individual clients while skillfully scrutinizing each matter on a case-by-case basis. Our lawyers and legal staff accomplish these goals first by understanding the type of case, regardless of its size or complexity. Secondly, we ensure that all team members possess the requisite skills, resources and up-to-date training to make the most of our clients' investment in our counsel and representation.

A Multidisciplinary Team Approach

Every legal matter is assigned to a multidisciplinary team of people, generally consisting of at least one attorney, one paralegal and at least one account manager. While the attorney has overall responsibility for overseeing all legal and administrative activities, our centralized account management process also includes input from our experienced team of legal, financial and recovery specialists.

Account Managers Including Experienced Professionals From Many Fields

Our account managers have backgrounds that include traditional debt collectors and workout specialists but also include former mortgage brokers, business and financial analysts, tax attorneys and law enforcement combined with extensive paralegal training.

This multidisciplinary approach offers our clients the distinct advantage of working with experienced professionals who understand how to qualify and best manage your needs regardless of the situation or the type of debt or debt portfolio. We can help create strategies that will maximize your returns and minimize your costs while recognizing the ramifications of collections decisions.

Learn About Our Attorneys

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From offices located in Cincinnati, the law office of Delev & Associates, LLC, proudly serves businesses and collections agencies throughout Ohio.