Before Extending Credit

In years past, attorneys at law firms who are specialized in collection law and creditors' rights were often perceived as "those kind of lawyers." Yet as the federal government made changes to the Bankruptcy Code, began regulating credit grantors, collection agencies and law firms, and created the Consumer Financial Collections Bureau, and with every state having different laws that impact collections, having attorneys who can navigate the complexities of creditors' rights is critical to any business or person who lends money or sells on credit.

Delev & Associates recognizes that a debt is an asset with potential value and understands the variables that can affect its value, and can not only collect, but can advise you in advance of lending, guiding you through the complicated laws, regulations and factors that affect the value of your asset.

Advising Clients Before They Extend Credit

Delev & Associates has encountered most if not all of the situations that arise when collecting money or recovering assets from a commercial or consumer debtor. Our attorneys and support staff stand ready to assist you regardless of your needs.

We are a collections law firm facilitating both commercial and consumer collections. We do not help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.