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Because your success is our business

Delev & Associates, LLC takes pride in serving as a strategic partner to businesses in Ohio. We aim to help you meet your goals by implementing a well thought-out, consistent approach to leveraging the capabilities of our firm to the benefit of your business. For your reference, we provide some practical insight into choosing a law firm below. We invite you to contact us with specific questions about your case.

Service level considerations when selecting a law firm

Useful feedback and consultation can help you avoid future delinquencies and needless litigation. Our team can alert your credit manager about possible break downs in the credit approval process. We can also identify repetitive disputes so that your internal team can focus on fixing broken processes.

Communication allows us to keep clients informed of our collection efforts, status and debtor feedback. Our approach allows you to forecast cash collections and anticipate bad debt reserve requirements.

Professionalism is key in how we conduct our business because what we do reflects on what you do. We tailor our approach to project an image that is an extension of the creditor company’s culture.

Transparency of activities and results provides creditors with the confidence that comes with knowing that action is being taken on their delinquent accounts. Our firm provides a regular reporting of collections results, efforts and status. We will work with you to determine what reports to provide, how often to deliver the reports, how detailed the reports should be and whether to make your account information accessible online.

Ability to respond to special requests in a timely and thorough manner makes Delev & Associates, LLC an indispensable addition to our clients’ litigation support teams. We have the flexibility and tools available to respond quickly when special needs arise.

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Top 10 reasons to work with the Delev & Associates, LLC collections team

1. Delev & Associates, LLC strives to partner effectively with its client to decrease collection costs and collect past due balances and to resolve your problem without litigation. Working accounts quickly sometimes prevents enough time for any disputes to surface prior to legal action. The debtor will quickly realize that the creditor company is serious and will know if the matter needs to be resolved quickly.

2. Delev & Associates, LLC works to decrease client cost. Litigation can be expensive and time consuming. We will examine other more cost-efficient alternative measures.

3. Delev & Associates, LLC can do things your credit department or collection agency cannot. Collection agencies may be better able to pursue past-due customers more aggressively than an internal credit department. With a third party, the creditor company’s relationship with the debtor is not open for discussion. The sales department, for example, does not influence the agency’s activities. This is different than the pressure sales can exert on an internal credit department.

4. Delev & Associates, LLC helps clients streamline their internal processes. We have found some of our client credit departments are too often limited and slowed down by competing company interest. As an independent law firm we are free to use all means necessary to more aggressively pursue debts owed.

5. Delev & Associates, LLC tailors its representation to fit your business needs, not ours. There are different collection styles. For example, some cases call for a less confrontational approach. We will work with you to determine how aggressively to approach the debtor. We value direction from our client and want to understand other factors that may affect our approach including the nature of the debt and the characteristics of the debtor such as the age and the amount owed.

6. Delev & Associates, LLC understands the need to apply a customized collection approach. There are a variety of collection styles. Utilizing the correct approach is critical to the success of the client. Delev & Associates, LLC examines all relevant factors including the nature of the debt, past and future business relationships between the parties, as well as the directions of the client, so that we apply best styles every time.

7. Delev & Associates, LLC believes that working with a collections law firm can be cost-effective. We are a law firm in the business of collecting money with specialized, well-trained staff, equipped with sophisticated phone systems and collection software. By allowing you to use our law firm strategically, you can manage your internal resources strategically so as to end up with more satisfied customers and better results – which may then translate into increased profits. Because much of the work we perform is on contingent basis, clients only pay a percentage of amounts actually collected.

8. A creditor can learn a lot by tracking agency failures. We can help you understand why certain accounts cannot be collected. We can help you improve recovery rates by tracking factors like timely referrals.

9. Collection agency performance should be measured in part by recovery rate. Our firm measures its success in part based on recovery rates, which are a measurement of an agency’s performance that measures the total recoveries compared to total referred amounts.

10. A creditor is best served, however, by using multiple measurements. The recovery rate used alone is situational. It can be calculated in several ways and is also subject to manipulation by the agency. The recovery rate calculation can be influenced by a number of factors, some of which are out of the agency’s control. Our firm can provide you with reports that include various other measures of performance.

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