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Review Your Credit Report And Credit Score Annually


As an attorney who works in the credit and collection industry I encourage everyone to request your free annual credit reports and credit scores yearly and the best time is just after the holiday season . The holiday season is when a lot of fraud occurs. Even if you have had a history of bad credit you can refute bad reports, some time if you question past blemishes the credit agency will not question your challenge and it will increase your credit score.

Your credit report is more important that your resume it’s important part of managing your personal finances and could be a game changer in getting a loan or for employment.

Protect against identity theft It’s often the first indicator of identity theft. If you find things in your reports you might be a fraud victim. The credit reporting companies can help you stop the credit fraud and prevent it in the future misuse of your identity.

The credit reporting companies do make mistakes so challenge every thing that is negative. While most information is accurate, force them to recheck. Even if you are not sure challenge it. Many time the Credit reporting agneis will make mistakes in reporting and you can benefit. But if you do find something wrong, your personal credit report comes with instructions for submitting disputes and contact information including a toll-free telephone number, Internet address and mailing address.

Use this link from the Federal Trade Commission to avoid fraud

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