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July 2015 Archives

Appeals Court: Debt collectors' false statement must be relevant

Picture this: someone is driving through Cincinnati on I-71 at 100 mph and is pulled over by police. Using driver's license information, the officer writes a speeding ticket, including the driver's weight listed at 180 lb. on the license. Do you think a court would toss out the speeding ticket because it turns out that the driver actually weighs 185? Of course not. The person's weight is immaterial; the speeding offense had nothing to do with the listed weight.

Are your collection rights limited by the Ohio RISA?

Among the greatest challenges that come from starting a new business may debt collection. Depending on your industry, you may find yourself in the position of trying to collect from contractors, vendors and even consumers. There's no way you can completely avoid the risk of non-payment, but you can make the collections substantially more difficult if you're not using the right contracts.

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