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October 2015 Archives

Creditors’ rights: The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

At Delev & Associates, LLC, many of the clients we represent include Cincinnati businesses attempting to collect debt owed by consumers. Creditors’ rights are a topic that often falls by the wayside in favor of protecting debtors from abusive debt collection practices. It is important, however, that companies are able to recover funds that are legally owed to them. This does not mean that consumer rights are not equally important. In fact, creditor and debtor rights are related – ensuring lawful debt collection efforts are implemented and illegal practices are avoided may help companies collect on debts before having to resort to civil litigation.

Divulging sensitive company information may create legal issues

In nearly any workplace, gossip is seen as a normal part of the job environment. However, this type of behavior is rarely beneficial for employees, especially when it comes to divulging sensitive information. Breaking confidentiality may violate certain privacy laws, as well as result in a contract dispute if confidentiality terms were outlined in an employment contract. At Delev & Associates, LLC, we understand the varied complex nuances of business contracts in Ohio and how a breach of contract may affect an employer or employee.

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