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What business owners need to know about using contract employees

Business owners in Cincinnati have certain rights and responsibilities when it comes to employing independent contractors or working with regular employees. It is important to understand the distinction between the two types of workers, as well as what employing them entails, to avoid a possible legal dispute.

Intellectual property dispute makes iconic cat’s owners grumpy

Products or ideas that are not tangible objects, but are rather inventions of the mind, can be protected by law in the same way that a physical product’s design may be patented and protected. Intellectual property that Ohio businesspeople might register or copyright can include written material, music, art or popular culture references. For example, a music artist may want to copyright his or her work so the lyrics or music are not used or distributed by someone else without approval.

What should you know as an independent contractor?

In Ohio and other states, your employer would be required to withhold income taxes on your paychecks, as well as contribute toward Social Security and Medicare funds. These rules are different for independent contractors, however. How do you know if you’re an independent contractor? According to the Internal Revenue Service, independent contractors work independently of a traditional employer. They may work alone or provide services exclusively to certain companies, but not be considered actual employees of that company.

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