The importance of remembering employees during a merger

by | Apr 15, 2016 | Business Litigation |

It is a normal part of business for many Cincinnati companies to get involved in a merger. During a merger or acquisition, the demands of the changing company are often put ahead of everything else, including employees’ needs and concerns. Many business owners fail to take into account how their staff feels about the situation.

During a merger, sudden changes to company procedures, management structure and workplace climate can result in a stressful situation for employees. They may also worry about layoffs and firings, especially if rumors are not properly put to rest. This is why, stresses Forbes, it is vital that company executives take the time to understand how their employees feel about the merger. A common tactic is for management to urge employees to ignore co-worker rumors and speculation by the media. However, this is usually counter-productive, as rumors tend to spread out of control.

Chief Executive points out that some of the main fears employees share during a merger, in addition to worrying about losing their jobs, is that the newly-merged company will not be the same place where they have become accustomed to working. Employee morale may begin to suffer even before the merger takes place. Rather than discounting these concerns, management might take the time to address employee worries and truthfully let staff know what may be expected during and after the merger. Knowing what is coming can go a long way toward keeping morale and productivity up, instead of keeping employees in the dark.

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