Breach of contract one more challenge for company

by | Jun 22, 2017 | Contract Disputes |

Some businesses that operate in Ohio may be based solely in the state or may have operations in other locations as well. Some may even be owned by companies not only from other states but from other countries. While a contract dispute can arise in any of those situations, when very disaparate cultural views are held by the involved parties, the challenges may sometimes feel harder to overcome as there is no common philosophy or place from which both sides may be coming.

Such may well be the case in a situation involving a Chinese-owned automotive glass manufacturer that employs more than 2,000 near Dayton. The men who had previously held the positions of president and vice president were ousted by the Chinese leadership and the former vice president has actually initiated legal action against his former employer. The executive alleges that he was terminated because of his national origin. The company’s Chinese leadersihp, however, insists the termination was the result of poor company performance and poor financial management.

The discrepancy in the cultural approaches to working can be seen in other arenas as well where the Chinese leaders have indicated they believe the American workers are essentially lazy. At the same time, the company has been the subject of multiple complaints to the Occupational and Safety Health Administration with fines in 2016 alone exceeding $200,000.

When serious business conflicts arise, it may be important to get a professional legal view on the matter to help Ohio residents and businesses make wise decisions about how to proceed.

Source: Columbus Business First, “Chinese glass plant in Ohio dealing with ‘major culture clash,’ report finds,” June 12, 2107

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