How do you avoid dealing with customers who do not pay bills?

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Perhaps you already experienced customers who did not pay their bill and seek to avoid it happening again. How do you go about doing so the right way?

Business News Daily offers suggestions for dealing with buyers who do not settle their bills. Get ahead of payment problems rather than respond to them.

Break down payments and costs at the beginning

Before starting a project, let the customer or client understand your expectations regarding payment terms and prices. That way, you lessen the chances of the person claiming she or he did not know about extra costs or fees. Clarify that you do not mind answering questions or clearing up confusion. Also, explain how you wish to handle unexpected changes or emergencies.

Automate invoices

Do you automate invoices so customers get them soon after receiving a service or product? If not, and if a customer does not pay an outstanding and unsent invoice, you may make more trouble for yourself and your professional reputation than necessary. You may have a lot on your plate as an Ohio business owner, so make things easier by staying on top of submitting invoices.

Send bills sooner rather than later

Maybe you do not use invoices. If not, ask customers for payment before you start a project. Understandably, some people may not feel comfortable paying for goods or services they do not yet have. To offer reassurance, request a deposit rather than a full payment. You may also consider offering a money-back guarantee or ask customers to check out your reviews so they know whether your results warrant upfront payment.

You have rights and options for collecting payments. Exercise them to keep your business up and running.

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