Steps to take before suing someone for non-payment

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When you supply a product or provide a service for an individual or business in Ohio, you expect this individual or entity to compensate you for what you provided within a timely manner. Regrettably, this does not always happen. When you fail to receive payment for quite some time, you might consider taking things a step further.

Before you do so, though, Business News Daily advises that you take the following steps.

Send invoices promptly and include payment terms

Make sure you provide an invoice as soon as you complete the work or supply the goods. Consider including language on the invoice dictating that you plan to charge a specific amount of interest if you do not receive a payment within a certain timeframe, such as 30 days.

Exercise persistence

If you get the feeling someone is dodging you or otherwise trying not to pay, exercise persistence. Make regular calls and communications, and make sure you have evidence of doing so until you receive payment. With any luck, customers who owe you money are going to want to avoid these ongoing communications and pay up.

Offer payment plans

If the other options fail to gain traction, consider asking the late-paying client if he or she wants to pay you back in more manageable installments.

Taking these steps is important because, if you do decide to file a suit against a non-paying client or customer, you have evidence of you trying to make things work in other ways before doing so. This may strengthen your case if you have no choice but to take legal action against this party.

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