Fortifying your contracts against costly disputes

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Contract disputes can cost your company a lot of money and may even impact its reputation. You may also expend valuable resources finding a solution and unintentionally disrupt your workflow along the way.

Protecting your company against such disputes begins during contract negotiations. Your vigilance throughout this process may effectively reduce the chances of a disagreement happening.

Consider potential narratives

Just because everything appears seamless right now, does not guarantee this will always be the case. According to, a critical part of avoiding contract disputes is your effort to account for future variables. This means you take into account situations that could potentially happen that would disrupt the contractual relationship. Some examples of things to consider include the following:

  • Changes to leadership
  • Noncompliance
  • Economic hardship
  • Deceptive practices
  • Misinterpretation

Within your contract, you can briefly address such circumstances and suggest solutions. At the very least, discussing such events as a group may enlighten everyone to a better understanding of individual contributions, as well as their role in preventing discord.

Clarify everyone’s understanding

A common reason why many contract disputes begin is because of a misunderstanding. Perhaps participants experienced confusion regarding roles and responsibilities. Maybe a misinterpretation of terminology led to behavior that some view as noncompliant. You can reduce the likelihood of such circumstances when you make sure to reach a mutual understanding prior to signing any formal documents.

Because writing and enforcing contracts requires some serious attention, you may benefit from working with a legal professional. Attorneys have the experience to help you create a contract that will operate with the best interests of your company at the forefront.

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