Should you file a mechanics lien for non-payment?

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Waiting on payment for a job you already completed can create uncertainty and angst. Particularly, if you rely on your earnings to afford necessities, non-payment could compromise your finances.

A mechanics lien is something you may consider to convince a non-paying party to level up. If successful, this legal strategy could enable you to collect the money you deserve.

Resolving conflict

One of the trickiest parts of business sometimes is the process of resolving conflict when a disagreement arises. Sometimes, if you still have not received payment, you may have the chance to successfully remedy the situation with a simple conversation. According to Harvard Law School, never use threats. Find ways to disclose your concerns without escalating tension and inciting violence.

If failed attempts at collecting payment continue to happen, you may need to involve a legal professional. An attorney can help you identify other solutions that can help you solve your concerns.

Taking action

State laws influence the process of filing a mechanics lien, as well as what information you will need to provide to substantiate your claim. Essentially a mechanics lien is a lien on the property that will remain until you get the money you deserve. The consequences of a lien may include tax repercussions, difficulty securing lending and credit score damage.

Together, with an attorney, you will need to detail the timeline of your work, its completion and establish a violation of the payment agreement. Inclusions of communication between parties, any contractual agreements and other documents establishing a business relationship can also support your case. Filing a mechanics lien can help you handle the frustration of the incident in a productive manner without relinquishing your dignity and reputation.

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