Mechanic’s liens and time limits

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If you have not received payment for work performed on a residential or commercial property, it is crucial to take a firm stand for your rights. Depending on the details that surround your situation, filing a mechanic’s lien could help you recover payments you deserve and move forward. However, it is very important to understand the time limits in place with respect to filing a mechanic’s lien.

Make sure you familiarize yourself with Ohio’s laws regarding this topic and have a clear understanding of your options.

Filing a mechanic’s lien over a residential unit

According to the Ohio Revised Code, a contractor who wishes to file a lien as a result of residential work performed on a condo property, a single-family dwelling or a two-family home must do so within 60 days after furnishing material or performing work. It is vital to keep this in mind and take action promptly if you want to file a mechanic’s lien.

Other time limits for filing a mechanic’s lien

It is also important to understand that in certain circumstances, such as cases involving work performed on commercial property, there are other time limits in place. For example, contractors must file mechanic’s liens arising due to some projects within 75 days or 120 days of performing work or furnishing materials.

When filing a lien, you must submit an affidavit. In addition to paying close attention to time limitations, it is crucial to make sure that your mechanic’s lien affidavit is accurate and contains all of the necessary information.

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