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When A Breach Of Contract Claim Threatens Business As Usual

Making deals and doing business come with inherent risks, including the possibility of damage claims and lawsuits from disgruntled business associates, customers or clients. Contracts are the backbone of commerce. When either side contends that contract obligations are not properly fulfilled, problems such as loss of revenues and disturbance to operations can trigger breach of contract claims.

A breach of contract claim often comes after attempts by the dissatisfied individual or organization to settle the score over alleged fraud, failure to deliver goods or services, or another legal complaint against a person or business.

Claims And Remedies

Contracts covered by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) include secured transactions and nonpayment breaches governed under the Statute of Frauds provision of the UCC. Delev & Associates handles many forms of breach of contract litigation. As an established creditors’ rights and collections firm, we apply our knowledge and experience to bring solid results for commercial clients of all sizes.

Depending on the facts of each case and our clients’ interests, we may recover unpaid assets or protect our clients who have been targeted by claims from others. Our strategic representation produces results on behalf of our clients through remedies such as:

  • Recovery of monetary damages
  • Specific performance enforcement
  • Recision
  • Injunctive relief

Turn To A Trusted Advocate For Prevention And Cures

Our Cincinnati-based litigation firm has a strong track record. We defend some clients from unwarranted or exaggerated claims and help others through recovery actions.

We often say our most successful wins are by way of prevention. We can advise you on how to avoid threats of breach of contract litigation before disputes escalate. However, if a legal opponent has already made demands, we can help you mount a strong offense or defense aimed at protecting your assets and reputation. If the other side refuses to pay for goods or services, we can bring an effective claim on your behalf.

Ready To Stand Up For Your Interests

We have impressed many clients by hitting the ground running in litigation matters. Our civil litigation attorneys are ready to gather and analyze facts, develop legal arguments on your behalf and prepare compelling arguments in your support – all in a timely, efficient manner.

Ultimately, we aim to deliver value and effective resolutions. Our track record is a powerful testimony to our skill. To schedule a consultation, email us or call our offices at 513-277-0816 or toll-free at 800-593-8453.

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