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In today’s competitive business environment, you need powerful commercial collections lawyers in Ohio to help you capture a return on your initial investment. Delev & Associates, LLC, is a law firm that focuses its practice on creditors’ rights in commercial debt recovery, subrogation and litigation on behalf of businesses and financial institutions. We have been successful in collecting past-due assessments, fines, penalties, judgments, loans and debt on behalf of our clients. In addition, we streamline our clients’ collection management by utilizing sophisticated debt collection software and litigating civil disputes relating to debt repayment. In addition to our experience with government and financial entities, our Collections Department represents commercial and consumer creditors, insurance companies, service organizations, and individuals in recovering commercial loans.

Our firm is proud of its record of service to business and consumer clients. The breadth and scope of our practice encompass:

A Cost-Conscious Collections Practice

Delev & Associates, LLC, is highly qualified to handle the collection of accounts receivables and outstanding judgments. Our attorneys in Ohio seek maximum recovery at minimal cost to the client. Litigation is often expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, we often seek prelawsuit recovery through repayment plans negotiated between the client and the debtor. Our firm’s lawyers work with the loan recovery specialists to make the appropriate written and oral demands for repayment, as permitted by the law. Our attorneys also coordinate with the account managers to analyze the reasons for nonpayment and the financial records of the debtor. We then present an assessment to the client as to whether the claim is collectible.

Where a lawsuit is recommended, we provide a projected cost of litigation relative to the amount of maximum recovery available to the creditor. If you choose to pursue litigation, our attorneys and staff take the steps necessary to resolve your claim quickly and cost-effectively. Throughout the litigated action, we keep you apprised of our legal progress through status reports and ongoing communication.

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