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Manage Payments And Asset Recovery Accurately

Once you or your company file a lawsuit, obtain a judgment and prepare to collect money due, how will you manage those payments? Especially if a payor is paying overtime or if there are multiple payors or sources of asset recovery going into the collection process, you may prefer to have your collection law firm handle the account. That is exactly what many clients of Delev & Associates, LLC, have elected. They work with our attorneys and in-house specialists from many disciplines to devise effective collections methods and strategies.

Our established Ohio collections law firm manages asset collection portfolios on behalf of contractors, subcontractors, small businesses, corporations and government entities. We faithfully manage our clients’ accounts in their best interests. We send demand letters to debtors, inform them of where and how to pay their debts, handle all communications with them and, as necessary, conduct asset recovery through aggressive means such as:

Delev & Associates, LLC, therefore, serves as a one-stop collections shop on behalf of many of our clients. Our job is to pursue, recover, manage and ultimately deliver to our clients the money that is rightfully theirs. Over 40 years, we have established a reputation as a results-oriented, cost-effective and trustworthy collections partner for many commercial entities and individuals.

Our Accounts Receivable Management Can Work For You

Our lawyers have solid advice to share with you or your company as you seek proven, cost-effective methods of asset recovery and accounts receivable management. Call800-593-8453 or 513-277-0816 to schedule an appointment. You may also contact us online for assistance.

From offices located in Cincinnati, the law office of Delev & Associates, LLC, proudly serves businesses and collections agencies throughout Ohio.

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