Protecting Investments With Strategic Solutions

Understanding The Necessity Of Receiverships

Commercial clients that contact Delev & Associates, LLC, often have their hands full conducting their businesses. Whether they sell lumber, lend mortgages or provide medical services, their expertise lies in the delivery of their professional services. They hire our law firm for help collecting on debts through a variety of means, such as prejudgment attachments, post-judgment attachments, subrogation, mechanic’s liens, foreclosures, evictions and probate actions.

In some cases, other law firms obtain judgments and refer cases to us to conduct the hard work of collections. One method that we use to promote asset protection and recovery for our clients is to establish receiverships.

We handle all aspects of receiverships, including:

  • Discovery of assets through forensic investigation
  • Appointment of a receiver
  • Valuing assets
  • Liquidating assets, including bank accounts
  • Collection and distribution of assets
  • Court administration
  • Property management

We are experienced with all aspects of receiverships, including court administration, asset protection, asset sales, property management, fiscal oversight, forensic investigation, litigation and claims administration. We can also contest receiverships affecting our clients, whether owners and secured creditors.

For more than 40 years, Delev & Associates, LLC, has pursued excellence in collections in Ohio. We have built a reputation on the basis of our ability to achieve results time and again.

Ask Our Ohio Lawyers For Information And Assistance With Asset Recovery Through Receiverships

Our Cincinnati-based attorneys await your call at 800-593-8453 or 513-277-0816 if you or your company is in need of collections through receiverships or by other means. We are prepared to evaluate your case and recommend the most promising methods of recovery. Send an email if you prefer and we pledge to respond promptly.

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