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Delev & Associates, LLC, in Cincinnati provides professional, results-oriented insurance company representation in collection cases requiring subrogation. Our law firm has more than four decades of experience and a track record of favorable outcomes on behalf of insurers and their insureds. We do so on a contingency basis, and typically on a percentage basis or a combination hourly percentage basis.

We Can Take On Many Cases And Treat Each One As The Only One

While it is true that our law firm handles volumes of cases, it is our strict policy to approach each as a “one and only,” even when the same insurer turns over many cases to us at once. We typically conduct our own investigations to determine how to achieve maximum recoveries through subrogation. Our fact-finding and fact-checking processes are meticulous and thorough.

Customized Legal Services — Insurance Subrogation Cases

Discovering available resources to recover through subrogation is an essential part of our successful subrogation law practice. If we determine early in a case that there are few or no assets to recover, we honestly advise our insurer clients accordingly. This gives them the option of letting a case go rather than consume valuable time and money looking where resources are scant or nonexistent.

As needed, we provide accounts receivable management services to our insurance subrogation clients. As in all our collections cases, our methods of recovery for our subrogation clients always comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Attorneys Collecting Car Accident Claims Involving Drivers Without Insurance — Ohio Subrogation Law Firm

Let us know how our Ohio subrogation attorneys at Delev & Associates, LLC, can be of service. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling513-277-0816“>513-277-0816 800-593-8453 or 513-277-0816, or sending us an email. Our lawyers are here to answer questions — and to get results.

From offices located in Cincinnati, the law office of Delev & Associates, LLC, proudly serves insurers in subrogation cases throughout Ohio.


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