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Representing Consumer Creditors In Debt Collection Litigation

The Ohio debt collection lawyers at Delev & Associates, LLC, represent auto lenders, credit card companies, banks and other financing companies in statewide debt collection litigation. We have been successful in collecting on past-due assessments, fines, penalties, judgments, loans and various other types of outstanding debt on behalf of our various creditor clients. In addition, we streamline our clients’ collection management by litigating civil disputes relating to debt repayment.

We specialize in the collection of automobile deficiencies, credit card debt, medical debt and various other types of consumer loans. We also provide services relating to replevin and bankruptcy. Our attorneys deliver services in the following areas:

Our firm takes pride in becoming a valued member of your Collection Department’s debt recovery team. We utilize software programs to assist in collecting information on debtors and data management. We are thus able to provide you with a monthly status report that is tailored to your specific needs. The specialized software package that we use allows us to efficiently process files through complete data tracking that is updated automatically as documents are created. We also utilize our staff of collectors and asset researchers, a customized letter series, and on-site training to handle all phases of prelitigation collection, litigation and post-judgment recovery.

Put Our Collections Experience To Work For You

Delev & Associates, LLC, assists financial institutions and consumer-facing businesses with the collection of their delinquent accounts. Over several years in trial practice, we have been able to recover thousands of dollars in outstanding debt for our creditor clients. We welcome the opportunity to put our collections experience to work for you. As you make your collections litigation decision, we invite you to review our articles:

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