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Collecting On A Judgment Is Easier Armed With Information

There is an old saying that taking a judgment is easy; collecting one is difficult. At Delev & Associates, we believe knowledge is power and the more knowledge you provide and we can gather about the debtor’s business and financial affairs, the more likely it can be collected. What is it worth and how much are you willing to invest to determine its value, and how much are you willing to invest to collect it?

It also takes someone with knowledge, dedication, perseverance and sometimes patience to collect.

Sometimes letting the debt rest is better than trying to collect on it right away, as debtors might think you have forgotten about them and may become careless.

The best way to avoid bad debts is, of course, not to give credit to those whom you do not know. However, while granting credit can be a risk it can also be a reward, especially if you follow advice from President Reagan’s favorite Russian saying regarding arms-control agreements — “doveryai, no proveryai,” or “trust, but verify.”

The first thing we do is gather intelligence. The more knowledge you bring to us the more likely you will save on legal fees and the more likely we can help you recover. Use your resources to learn something about the debtor. Knowledge is power. If you are a creditor, don’t give up collecting your judgment. At Delev & Associates, we are aggressive in attempting to collect judgments; remember — just because a debtor has filed bankruptcy, it does not necessarily mean your debt is not collectable. For instance, a debt may be per se nondischargeable in bankruptcy or litigation may be available in the bankruptcy court to designate the debt nondischargeable if the debt was incurred through fraudulent means. It is important to consult with an experienced attorney to determine the status of a debt in bankruptcy.

We are a collections law firm facilitating both commercial and consumer collections. We do not help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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