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Medical Debt Collection Requires Skill And Experience

Many individuals and organizations in the medical field grapple with debt collection. In recent years, the prevalence of uninsured people contributed to high rates of default on medical debt. Changes in the health insurance field brought about by the Affordable Care Act may have left many consumers with high deductible insurance policies, further contributing to large quantities of unpaid medical debts.

Hospitals, physicians’ groups, medical clinics, dental clinics, medical equipment vendors and other health care providers in Ohio turn to Delev & Associates, LLC, for effective medical collections. We have years of experience and a long list of successes in bad debt recovery for medical professionals and organizations.

Medical collections may be especially urgent because of the vulnerability of medical debt to discharge in some bankruptcy filings. Our clients turn to us to ensure that their medical collection efforts receive the urgency and priority they themselves would apply with their patients’ accounts. They rely on our tactful but effective methods designed to preserve doctor-patient relationships when that is a goal. As necessary, we take a proactive stance in medical provider creditors’ rights in bankruptcy cases.

Our medical collection practices are HIPAA-compliant as well as conforming to regulations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

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Lawyers and staff at Delev & Associates, LLC, take a team approach to medical collections, applying our knowledge gathered in our various professional fields. Schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your needs with an active member of our medical collections team. Call800-593-8453 or 513-277-0816, or send an email. We are here to inform and assist.

From offices located in Cincinnati, the law office of Delev & Associates, LLC, provides medical collection services to health care providers and collection agencies throughout Ohio.


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