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Debt Collection From An Estate Requires Knowledge Of Probate Laws

Creditors seeking legal counsel and representation in probate collections in Ohio turn to Delev & Associates, LLC. With more than 40 years of experience, our collections law firm has the knowledge, the skill and the manpower to devise effective strategies and implement them on behalf of creditors after a death.

Our Cincinnati collections law firm has built a strong reputation for our diversified, effective team of attorneys and professionals, experts in a number of fields. We are prepared to stand by your rights as a creditor through all phases and processes of probate and estate administration.

Chapter 2117 of the Ohio Revised Code details many of the processes through which we can pursue recovery of debts made to a person who is now deceased. Those processes include:

  • Presentation of claims to the probate court
  • Compromise and settlement of claims
  • Authentication of claims
  • Hearing for allowing and classifying claims
  • Claims of funeral directors
  • Lawsuits against executors or administrators
  • Executions against executors and administrators
  • Contingent claims after settlement of an estate

Note: Delev & Associates, LLC, welcomes attorney referrals from creditors’ law firms that do not handle probate collections with the depth that we do.

Contact A Probate Collections Lawyer For Recovery From Estates In Ohio

Delev & Associates, LLC, practices law with an ethic of service to clients and effectiveness of collections. In most cases, we are paid only when we succeed in collecting for our clients.

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The law offices of Delev & Associates, LLC, in Cincinnati, handles probate collections cases throughout Ohio.

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