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Establishing Your Rights As A Creditor In Bankruptcy Court

When a debtor files for bankruptcy, every creditor must file proof of their claim against that debtor with the bankruptcy court. This proof of claim establishes that the creditor is entitled to payment and how much the debtor owes each creditor. If one of your debtors has filed bankruptcy, you want to be sure you establish your right to payment by properly filing a proof of claim.

Delev & Associates, LLC, is a leading Ohio law firm for creditors’ rights and litigation, including bankruptcy claims. We will make sure your proof of claim is thorough and accurate, preserving your rights. We have experienced teams made up of professionals from every area of the industry, including bankruptcy. We approach every case with a dedication to excellence measured in results.  

Skilled Representation Throughout The Bankruptcy Process

A well-prepared proof of claim is only the first step in a bankruptcy proceeding for a creditor. You will need guidance throughout the bankruptcy process to protect your claim. We can assist you with the following steps:

  • The 341 meeting — This is a meeting of creditors with the trustee to voice your concerns regarding the bankruptcy, if necessary.
  • Relief from stay — The bankruptcy court will automatically stay your collection efforts, but you may be able to have it lifted in certain circumstances.
  • Adversary proceeding — You may need to resort to litigation to recover your claim through an adversary proceeding if you have grounds for an objection.
  • Establish receivership — When funds are released for payment in bankruptcy because your claim was excluded, you must have a method to receive and manage those funds.

The important factor for you, as the creditor, is to know all of your options for pursuing your claim. We are full-service creditor attorneys who know bankruptcy proceedings. We can help you decide the right strategy for recovery that makes sense for your claim.

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We are a collections law firm facilitating both commercial and consumer collections. We do not help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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