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Bonds are debt securities issued by governments, corporations, and other entities. In return for the loan of money to the issuer represented by the bond, the issuer promises to pay a set rate of interest over the life of the bond and then pay back the principal or face value of the bond to the investor when the bond matures or becomes due.

Discrimination Complaints Under the Clean Air Act

Protection for whistleblowers under the Clean Air Act

Initial Public Offerings & the Securities Act of 1933

An Introduction to the Securities Act of 1933

Securities Law> Additional Offerings, Disclosure & the Securities Exchange Act of 1934> Proxies

Shareholder Proxy Solicitation Rules

The Intrastate Offering Exemption from SEC Registration Requirements

Securities may be sold without first being registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission if one of several exemptions applies. An exemption does not allow the use of any false or misleading statements in the offer or sale of the securities, and the offering may still be subject to requirements under state laws. However, if an exemption is applicable, then the expense and burden of the initial registration and periodic reporting of substantial information about the company may be avoided.

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